Save OutSourcing Part 1

In the wake of recent events, our Save OutSourcing seminar is conceived to bring together providers and users in the outsourcing industry, to take a gloves-off approach to the challenges in the sector, and map out some potential solutions.

Save OutSourcing Part 1 brings together insight from the speakers at the event, our wider network, and within Cloudfm, to set out in clear terms some of the problems we’re trying to solve:

Value and price

Despite their apparent utility, price-based tenders and fixed-price contracts undermine productivity and drive down quality of service. Without appropriate processes and systems in place, a focus on cost reduction can be counter-productive.

Systems and behaviour

Outsourcing lags behind some other industries in the collection, management and use of operational and financial data. This can destabilise inter-organisational relationships, and threaten the financial performance of providers.

Leadership and environment

While examples of good leadership do exist in the outsourcing industry, quality of leadership does not always extend throughout the hierarchy of organisations. Without this backbone of leaders, negative environments and behaviours proliferate and the overall development of the industry is hampered.

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